Pressekonferenz am 27.09.2016 – Protestmarsch nach Nürnberg in Planung

München, 27th of September, 2016

21th day at Sendlinger Tor

Today, the protesting refugees from Sendlinger Tor have analysed the development of their protest in a press conference. Also, attending journalists and other interested persons have been explained the next steps:

A protest march to Nuremberg is planned from October 8th, more details will be made available soon.

Statement by the Refugees at Sendlinger Tor, which has been read at the press conference:

We, refugees of the world. We, the victims of this justice. A justice that protects and murders at the same time. A justice who does not want to recognize us as refugees, because of our origin from a country, our sexual orientation or our religion.
We, citizens of this world, are gathered at Sendlinger-Tor. You hold your breath, because this fight is making history. A fight against racism, corruption and hostility, all of which we are victims.
You say that we have everything and we want more. What does it mean “to have everything” without to live? Life in the camp – does that mean “to have everything”? Sleeping throughout the day, nothing to do, only eating and going to the toilet – does that mean “to have everything”? Think and inform yourself, before you speak.
In the current state of the world, no one is safe. You are saying that all refugees are economic refugees who must be sent back. I wonder why you Europeans, in the context of the economic crisis, have the right to look for work everywhere, in Europe, America, Africa etc. Why do we not have this right?
By closing the borders, you are letting die our brothers and sisters in the sea and in the desert. If many deaths would be shown in television, many of us could give up and not start the journey to Europe. But unfortunately, it is not like that.
There, where the heart is, what is there really?
Is it not a sacrifice to leave everything behind and to risk our lives for security and a comfortable life? Your policies have promised us security, but in the end it’s all about business. And in business, all means are justified to pile up money and maximize profit. We denounce this in the name of humanity! We will continue to fight until we achieve our goal.