On November 29th, let's go protest in Bitterfeld! Free bus transfer from the Refugee Protest Camp at Berlin/Oranienplatz

There will be a refugee rally and demonstration on November 29th, organized by the self-organized Wittenberg Refugee Initiative, by TheVOICE Refugee Forum and by Karawane For the Rights of Refugees and Migrants. Together with refugees from the camps in Friederdorf and Marke, they will protest against intolerable living conditions of refugees in Sachsen-Anhalt, against isolation, threats and bullying by authorities.
Let’s show our solidarity, let’s go to Bitterfeld! Thanks to some last-minute funding, there will be a free bus transfer from the Berlin Refugee Protest Camp at Oranienplatz. Ticket reservations can be made. Contact: 015787210777
The bus will start at Oranienplatz at 10am. The demonstration will beginn at 2pm at the market square in Bitterfeld.