From Bautzen to Munich – a united struggle against racism

Munich, 19th of September, 2016

14th day at Sendlinger Tor


Dear brothers, dear sisters,

the news from Bautzen reached us. With this letter we want to express our solidarity with you. We have a lot respect for your courage and your resistance in Bautzen. Stay strong! You are not alone – your struggle is also our struggle!

Since two weeks we – around 70 refugees from different countries – live in a protest camp in the streets of Munich. With our protest we demand the right to stay for all and the stop of all deportations. In the minutes we write to you, the racist PEGIDA supporters gather on the other side of our protest camp. This makes clear that racism is a problem all over Germany.

We invite you to come to Munich and unite our struggles against racism. You don‘t have to be imprisoned in your lagers in Bautzen. We don’t let the racist system in the society put us down. When you come here you will see that your struggle is not an isolated one and that you are not alone.

If we fight together we can achieve a lot!

In solidarity,

The refugees of the protest camp at Sendlinger Tor Platz in Munich