Demo, 19.07.2013 at 2pm in Eisenhuettenstadt


The refugees coming to Eisenhüttenstadt are getting systematically criminalized for taking their human right of asylum. They are tortured in many ways. This system works, because the police, the foreign office, the court and the company BOSS systematically excludes people from the rest of the german society and don’t let them know their rights! There is no transparency or watching of what is going on in the lager and the deportation prison.
The oppression in Eisenhüttenstadt forces people to try to kill themselves or even committ suicide. Since Friday eight imprisoned people are in hungerstrike. This wednesday Refugees and supporters from Berlin and Brandenburg built up a tent in front of the lager, thus trying to break the isolation of the people in the lager and in the deportation prison.

Each hunger strike is one too much! Strongly and united we want to oppose the inhuman isolation practices. The deportations and the cartel of silence and the non-transparent disappearance of undocumented people must be stopped!
We want to put all the members of the Eisenhüttenstädter deportation machinery under public pressure. It is unexeptable that people are imprisoned for using their basic right to asylum. We demand to stop all deportations, to close the deporation prison in Eisenhuettenstadt and sufficient legal and medical care!

Be there on Friday 19/07/2013 at 2pm during the demonstration in Eisenhuettenstadt.
Meeting place for the train is at 12 clock at Ostbahnhof, track 1, departing at 12.31 clock.
From the station we go together to the starting point in front of the lager.

Solidarity has to be practical!
Asylum is a human right!

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