Call for Material – Movement Exhibition WE WILL RISE

What we need:
– pictures, videos, audios, banners, posters, Flyer, Flags, buttons
– Articles and paintings
– stuff that is or was important for the movement
– …

Please contact us:

Why an exhibition about the Refugee Movement?

The Refugee Movement is a very broad movement. It is rooted in a long
history of decolonial struggles. In the current struggle with its tent
actions, protest marches, hungerstrikes, protest camps and roof actions,
… , many many people join and leave the movement. The structures are
very open and are renewed again and again. A lot of knowledge how to
fight, work and live together in such an incredible movement is produced
by the fighters themselves. The exhibition WE WILL RISE should help to
prevent that this important knowledge gets lost.

Often the daily needs, troubles and changes inside the movement do not
allow us to have enough space for a deep reflection together on what we
are doing and how we are struggling. WE WILL RISE intends to create a
space for reflection for the people of the movement as well as an
exchange with people who are not (yet) part of the movement. The rise of
the movement continues.

The dying at the outer borders of europe continues and many many protest
actions of refugees in the recent years call the attention of the media
and the public. But still the voices of the protagonists are not heard
enough. The exhibition wants to be part of the change of perspective in
public concerning the fight of refugees.

WE WILL RISE is a growing exhibtion. It focuses especially on the
movement since the protest march from Würzburg to Berlin, the protest
camp on Oranienplatz and the squazting of Ohlauer school. It is not the
aim to put all the information in a museum to declare it as history and
close it. It is the aim to make history visible and accessable to use it
for the present and the future. Growing means that there will always be
space to fill the gaps and to continue the content for all people of the

Nonetheless the demands of the movement – Abolish Residenzpflicht!
Abolish all “Lagers”! Stopp all Deportations! The Right to Education and
Work – are not yet met. To fulfil the demands we need a process that makes our
struggle reach every corner of society. This exhibition is part of
this process.